Longtime KRON 4 sports director Gary Radnich (right) and former SF mayor Willie Brown (left) have been hired by Comcast SportsNet Bay Area to do 49ers post game shows and other programs related to the team. SportsNet Bay Area plans to do an hour post-game show with locker room interviews, Coach Mike Singletary’s news conferrence and expert analysis. They’ll do the show at Candletstick for home games. After road games, they’ll be based in SportsNet’s new studio, 24-hour newsroom and HD production facilities at 370 3rd Street in San Francisco’s south of Market area.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. And who did Scott Reiss blackmail to get his gig? He has absolutely zero talent. Where did they get him from? Oral Roberts U.?

  2. Ditto. What? Bill Clinton wasn’t available? Can’t these has-been politicians just fade away? It’s bad enough the Chron runs a Brown column. No one likes a blowhard. OK, we’ll make an exception for Radnich.

  3. Ditto. What? Bill Clinton wasn’t available? Why don’t these has-been politicians just fade away? I’m trying to figure out why the Chron runs a Willie Brown column. Talk about yesterday’s news.

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