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Knight Ridder signs up for sale

Knight Ridder became history in 2006, but its name still appears on the two largest signs in San Jose.

The signs are about 20 stories up on the top of the office building at 50 West Fernando Street, where the now defunct newspaper company had its corporate headquarters.

KCBS Radio and CBS5 KPIX-TV report that the building’s landlord is now offering to sell the signs for $2 million plus rent of $25,000 a month. The buyer’s name or message would apparently have to fit where the words “Knight Ridder” are now visible. CBS5’s Len Ramirez reports:

Doctor has written more about the sign on his blog, Content Bridges.

If nobody buys the naming rights by the end of the year, the signs will come down.

KCBS and CBS5 occupy the ground floor of the building, which sits on an historic site — 100 years ago, San Jose engineer Charles “Doc” Herrold started the world’s first radio station with regularly scheduled programming at that location. The station would later become KCBS-AM, which is currently celebrating the centennial of that milestone.

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