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Pelosi says papers are seeking TARP money

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with Jon Stewart, says that newspapers have been asking her for the TARP (troubled asset relief program) money meant to bail out banks and Wall Street.

She didn’t identify which papers, but as the Bay Guardian’s Tim Redmond points out, Hearst’s Phil Bronstein met with Pelosi in a private meeting after which she asked the Justice Department to ease up on antitrust laws that have prevented the Chronicle from joining forces with MediaNews.

Redmond says Pelosi’s office hasn’t called him back to say whether she’ll identify those newspapers that have contacted her, and he says Bronstein isn’t talking either. Redmond concludes: “I suppose it’s not out of the question — if the taxpayers can bail out AIG and General Motors, why not the San Francisco Chronicle? But would Obama then want to fire the publisher?”

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