From the LA Times:

    What was once a packed newsroom is now a sea of empty cubicles. Like the rest of the newspaper industry, the Tracy Press has been struggling.

    But when an 8-year-old girl went missing at a local mobile home park, the paper went into action.

    Although the discovery of Sandra Cantu’s remains in a suitcase pulled from an irrigation pond would bring all the major TV networks and several big-city papers to the Central Valley city, it was the Tracy Press that would get the interview that investigators credit with breaking open the case and leading to an arrest.

    “We’re just a scrappy little newspaper,” said Editor Cheri Matthews, who is married to the paper’s publisher, Bob Matthews. “We know the people who live here, we know this town, and sometimes we get things that nobody else can.” [More]

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  1. I agree that the young reporter did her job and she’s to be commended for doing such a fantastic job. No complaints there. But she’s handicapped working at the TP. Let’s just hope she gets out of there fast and gets to a better newspaper.
    The Matthews will ruin her.

  2. Well, can we say the young reporter at least was doing her job? Sounds like a hard-working reporter who’ll go far in the profession.

  3. Whoa, as former Tracy Press reporter I beg to differ. This place is a cesspool of unethical journalism. Ask city leaders why no one wants to speak with Tracy Press? Why school board won’t cooperate with TP reporters and why advertisers abandoned the TP in droves? Nowadays, police and fire departments won’t give reporters time of day after years of having good relationship with the TP.
    Can’t say whose to fault but the attitude at TP is that every official and agency has something to hide and so reporters are going around like Woodward and Bernstein. Then there’s the rewriting of stories so that they don’t resemble what reporter wrote originally.
    This is the Tracy Press nowadays.

  4. Wadsworth is a real credit to her profession. Her tenacity and that of her colleagues at the Tracy Press are commendable.

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