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Do you make too many public record requests?

Attorney General Jerry Brown is sponsoring a bill, AB520 (text and legislative history) that would let government agencies and local governments file petitions to have people declared “vexatious requestors” of public records.

An agency or local government would have to allege that the requestor was seeking records for an “improper purpose.” What’s an improper purpose? “Harassment of a public agency or its employees.” No further explanation is given.

If a judge agrees, then the agency can stop responding to public records from the “vexatious requestor.”

Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter, D-Rialto, introduced the bill on behalf of Brown.

We learned of the bill from the California Newspaper Publishers Association Legislative Bulletin, which says the bill is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday (April 21). Here’s a list of that committee’s members, their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

The CalAware has also written this letter in opposition to the bill.

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