The Web site New American Media has posted a story by reporter Vivian Po about a new Chinese newspaper serving the peninsula. While the Chinese dailies Sing Tao and World Journal focus on the Bay Area, the nation and the world, publisher Brian Ho’s free News for Chinese is much more local.

Ho started the paper in November — as the economy took a nosedive. Why then?

    “An important reason why I decided to start ‘News For Chinese’ now is because I purchased an office area with great real estate potential in Redwood City,” he said. Ho is confident that its real estate value will increase in the future. So, even the paper cannot make a profit, he says, the real estate value will be able to cover the cost.

    “I said to myself, now I have my own office, I have built my networks, I have experience in marketing and publishing, I have everything to start a newspaper. It is the time!” Ho said it with a smile.

    Ho’s wife, Jean, has supported him from the start. She described the newspaper as “a playground where he can utilize his talents.”

    “He never follows the mainstream. He always acts on his own decisions and can see visions others can’t,” Jean said.

News for Chinese expanded from 16 pages to 20 pages with its April 1 issue and now is being published twice a week.

No, the paper isn’t making money yet, but Ho said he will continue publishing because he has received a very positive response from his readers.

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  1. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I see that one of Ho’s rivals, Sing Tao, has decided to host a street fair in Redwood City on May 2nd and 3rd.

    Wonder if they’d let Mr. Ho hand out newspapers at their event?

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