NBC is closing its Sacramento bureau which fed stories to KNTV Channel 11 and other stations. Here’s an e-mail LA Observed posted by reporter Mike Leury:

    The Sacramento Bureau is closing down this week. My photographer Mykie Vang and I want you to know how much we’ve enjoyed working with you over the past three years.

    As a reporter, you couldn’t ask for a better beat than to cover demonstrations at the Capitol, political campaigns for president and of course the “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’ve also followed important issues like education, jobs, gay rights, the environment and government, with a critical look at whether our tax dollars are being spent wisely or unwisely. And along the way, we’ve had the opportunity to cover stories on wildfires at Lake Tahoe, wild bears in the woods and even some wayward whales in the Delta.

    It’s been a great ride and I feel honored and privileged to have been given the chance to cover these stories for you over the past three years. I am an eternal optimist and believe that when a door closes, a window will open up for a new opportunity. Mykie and I would like very much to stay in touch, so I am providing our contact information below.

    Mike Luery

Bay Area Media News

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