Liberal talk show host Randi Rhodes has signed a deal with Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks and her new national show will air on CC’s Green 960 (KKGN-AM).

Yes, it’s the same Premiere Radio Networks that syndicates Rush Limbaugh.

Rhodes was the highest rated host on Air America, but lost her job in April 2008 when she called Hillary Clinton a “whore” at a Green 960 event.

Rhodes will do her show from CC’s studios in Rockville, Md., and it will air nationally from noon to 3 p.m. (Pacific) starting May 11. Green 960 currently airs Ed Schultz’s show during that slot. The station hasn’t said when Rhodes’s show will be heard.

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  1. She is terrible with a whiny voice and an overdose of self-importance. This is a bad move. I hope they still find a slot for Ed Schultz – maybe even live.

  2. I’ve listened to her and don’t like her at all, but the fact that she’s nationally syndicated proves there’s no need for the Fairness Doctrine. Whether she succeeds or fails is entirely up to her, her stations and listeners. Same applies to Rush Limbaugh. No need for the government to jump in and pick winners/losers.

  3. What do you mean no one cares? This is where journalists go to get their information. She can’t keep a show, they can’t keep subscribers.

  4. “highest rated host on Air America”? What does that mean? That she had 10 listeners instead of the average 5 the other hosts had?

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