The three finalists for UC Berkeley’s journalism dean have withdrawn their names, Matt Krupnick of the Contra Costa Times reports. Two of them, Barbara Cochran and Lincoln Caplan, said the selection process was taking longer than they expected. A third, former Washington Post Managing Editor Phil Bennett, pulled out after accepting a faculty job at Duke University. The Graduate School of Journalism has not had a permanent dean since Orville Schell left in 2007. Since then, the school has been headed by interim dean Neil Henry, a former Washington Post reporter.

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  1. The position requires someone special. First and foremost solid credentials on the left, followed by the ability to attract speakers that give comfort to the Berkeley community (George Soros would be perfect). Journalism credentials are a plus, but having penned a few articles or a book or two aren’t disqualifiers. Throw that into the Berkeley process and you should have a hire in a couple years.

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