Geoff Gillette of the Danville Weekly reports that when KGO-TV holds a town meeting as part of its “ABC7 Listens” program, it brings security guards along. In his story about Wednesday night’s meeting in Danville, Gillette noted that guards monitored the proceedings and escorted the news reporters back out to their cars afterward. News Director Kevin Keeshan said they bring security with them for crowd control as much as to safeguard the TV personalities.

    “Depending on the community, we can get 40 or 50 people at these meetings,” Keeshan said. Security guards help to maintain order and keep the meetings moving.

    He added that because they are on television they do get devotees who follow them from town meeting to town meeting, so having the security on hand provides a level of protection from any overzealous fans.

Fortunately, there were no incidents in Danville and Keeshan said he enjoyed the byplay with those who spoke up.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Mmm, Kevin Keeshan. Wonder if he’s Captain Kangaroo’s son? I mean, news personalities? I’ve dealt with TV journalists and have watched as they read the newspapers to get the facts. Yes, we do the work and they get the “glory.”
    As for writing, used to copy edit TV consumer reporter’s column and it never failed that every week the column needed heavy editing.
    Also, I would hope that Danville residents have more important things to do than fawn over these wannabe “stars.”

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