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Valleywag editor jumps to NBC online

Owen Thomas (left), who has been digging up gossip in Silicon Valley for the past couple of years for Valleywag.com, is jumping to NBC to apparently work on a Web site it is building for the Valley, TechCrunch reports. Valleywag, a unit of Gawker Media, plans to replace Thomas with Ryan Tate (right), now the night editor at Gawker.

The move comes a few months after Valleywag cut its work force and it became a part of Gawker.com rather than having its own independent presence.

Gawker founder Nick Denton told TechCrunch: “Owen has a reputation as a fearsome gossip writer. What’s less known is his penchant for management. It sounds like this NBC job will give him the responsibility he’s been craving — and take him out of the Valleywag firing line!”

Tate’s promotion means there’s a job opening at Gawker media, and Denton is accepting applications from people who like to work nights. (Photo credits: Gawker Media)

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