Suzanne Shaw, who left Bay Area broadcasting eight years ago, has been hired by Channel 11 as its new editorial director. She will help “guide and present editorials,” a press release from the station says.

Shaw began her television career in 1975 as Suzanne Saunders at KSBW-Salinas-Monterey. She worked as a producer at KTVU, and later co-anchored at both KGO-TV and KRON. After a stint with PBS’s “Nightly Business Report,” Shaw left television in 2001.

About her return to local TV, Shaw says, “This is a pivotal time for local media, when the economic climate is forcing all of us to take a hard look at business and politics as usual. I am anxious to help make some changes.”

“I am looking forward to participating in a dialog with viewers,” says Shaw. “Whether they agree or disagree with our viewpoint, we’re anxious to create an exchange of ideas that can help us all make good choices about our future.”

Channel 11 president and GM Richard Cerussi appears ready to start putting opinions on the air. “We are uniquely positioned to give Bay Area residents a platform for debate,” he says in a news release. “When viewers are empowered to share their opinions and discuss important issues, we all benefit.”

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  1. I remember watching her in the 1980's and just loving her. I used to wonder what happened to her.

    As for the sniveling whiner who commented here that shes and "old retread" that was hired when the station was laying off staff….. THAT is a pretty ignorant statement.

    To say that everyone is equal in this world in the employment arena is goofy and amusing.

    She had talent…. and a great, warm personality… and obviously, skills. The people who lost their jobs are an entirely different job issue. 🙂

    But, hey, stupid people get to post their thoughts here, too. Or, would that be….. too bad?

    Welcome back, Suzzane.

  2. Nice….

    Good to see the loyalty to those who helped build the station and then got fired. All to free up budget for a retread hack.

    No wonder this station is in trouble.

  3. They just laid off a bunch of people, citing cost pressure, and they go out hiring her and that old retread for the morning show? Such loyalty and classy folks.

  4. Did Channel 11 give up on the weekend weather reports from Burbank? (I hope so.) Out of curiosity I watched the KNTV news Sunday night to see what a weather report from Burbank looked like, but Rob Mayeda was doing the weather.

  5. I’d love to hear why they’re spending the money to hire someone just for editorials as the station is decimated by ongoing layoffs?

  6. I had the pleasure of working with her at both KGO and KRON. She’s a class act and certainly qualified to be news director at any station in the market.

  7. Wow, where did 11 dig her up from? Remember in the 1980s she wanted to be known as only by the moniker “Saunders.” That was weird. Well, welcome back!

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