The Chron began laying off editorial employees today, and is expected to eliminate up to 30 jobs in the latest round of staffing cuts, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

The Times quoted sources as saying the layoffs began at 1:30 p.m., and among those shown the door were John Koopman, Jonathan Curiel, Susan Sward, Tyche Hendricks, Deborah Gage, Verne Kopytoff, Chris Heredia, Jim Doyle and Jane Kay.

Approximately eight to 10 of the cuts are from the Chronicle’s metro desk, one source told the Business Times.

KGO-TV said about 20 employees were laid off today and more will be fired on Friday.

“It’s like being punched in the stomach to see your best friends, who are so talented, out of work in this job climate,” reporter Carolyn Jones told Channel 7.

Jones was not laid off, but according to the Media Guild, the Chronicle’s list included 10 reporters from the Metro, Business, Datebook and East Bay sections.

“This is an expected move. It’s tragic that the news business needs to get rid of its core assets,” said Carl Hall, a Media Guild representative and a longtime Chronicle reporter who took a buyout last month. Hall said the Guild would have a statement on the layoffs once they are complete.

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  1. This is gut wrenching– but no one can claim that they didn’t see it coming.

    Workers were cajoled over time into maximizing their individual advantages above the gains they could have won through principled solidarity

    I still bristle when I reflect on the almost universal silence surrounding Chronicle tech writer Henry Norr’s departure after the onset of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. (He was ousted after participating in the first nationwide protest against the criminal invasion.)

    It is easy to point to so many scapegoats for the failure of our major city newspapers: internet competition, lack of advertisers, higher costs, etc.

    It is less easy to explain the failure of citizens to seek justice against the lies and half-truths that are promulgated on behalf of a parasitic ruling class.

    The reality is that we Americans are confounded in implementing the checks and balances needed to restore our prosperity and opportunity. Rather than freely unite for the common good, we prefer to navigate as atoms amid the lies and dictates that are uniting us, unaware, with a yoke.

    Compromised and ruined, all we can brag about is having earned a few more paychecks than those who stuck their necks out and were eliminated earlier.

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