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Chronicle layoff, buyout list

[Editor’s note: This posting was updated in May with the names of those who accepted buyouts.]

Here’s the latest list we have of Chronicle newsroom employees who were laid off Thursday and Friday. If you know of any additional names, please e-mail us at sfpen-pressclub@sbcglobal.net. We won’t mention your name.

LayoffsJonathan Curiel, reporter (Chronicle Watch)
Jim Doyle, reporter
Deborah Gage, technology reporter
Leslie Guth, assistant metro editor
Karen Hata, business reporter
Mark Hedin, copy editor
Tyche Hendricks, reporter
Chris Heredia, reporter, Oakland
Jane Kay, environmental reporter
John Koopman, reporter
Verne Kopytoff, reporter
Zahid Sardar, reporter
Derrick Smith, copy editor
Susan Sward, reporter, investigative unit
Delfin Vigil, reporter

BuyoutsKevin Albert, editorial assistant
Greg Ambrose, copy editor
John Batteiger, business wire editor
Heidi Benson, culture
Alison Biggar, Chronicle Magazine editor
Bill Burnett, real estate editor
Charles Burress, reporter, Berkeley
Peter Cafone, sports copy editor
Zachary Coile, reporter, Washington bureau
Mark Costantini, photographer
Ken Costa, graphic designer
Jake Curtis, sports
Nancy Gay, sports (49ers)
Dan Giesin, sports copy editor
Janice Greene, op-ed page editorial assistant
Edward Guthmann, culture
Carl Hall, science, Guild rep
Jesse Hamlin, culture
Reyhan Harmanci, Datebook reporter
Steve Hornbostel, page designer
Elizabeth Hughes, copy editor
Leslie Innes, Datebook editor
Timothy Innes, foreign news wire editor
Rod Jones, copy editor, news
Eric Jungerman, designer
Gwen Knapp, sports columnist
Kathy Kerrihard, library researcher
Simar Khanna, Home and Garden editor
Kim Komenich, photographer, Pulitzer winner
Bonnie Lemons, copy editor, news
Craig Lee, photographer
Eric Luse, photographer
Michael Maloney, photographer
Glenn Mayeda, editorial assistant, sports
Rico Mendez, page designer
Tom Meyer, editorial cartoonist
Johnny Miller, library researcher
Shirley-Anne Owden, copy editor, features
Courtenay Peddle, copy editor, news
Rich Pestoric, designer
George Raine, labor reporter
Kurt Rogers, sports photographer
Seth Rosenfeld, reporter
Sylvia Rubin, fashion
Steve Rubenstein, newsside reporter
Sabin Russell, science
Joel Selvin, rock ‘n’ roll
Glenn Schwarz, sports editor
Lee Sims, copy editor, news
Tanya Schevitz, education reporter
Michelle Smith, sports
Ruthe Stein, film
Tim Sullivan, editorial assistant
Bernadette Tansey, biotech
Jennifer Thelen, copy editor
Laura Thomas, asst. Home-Garden editor
Rad Wilcox, copy editor
Steve Winn, culture and arts
Larry Yant, sports
Patricia Yollin, metro reporter
Dorothy Yule, art department

If you know of any additional names, please e-mail the Press Club at sfpen-pressclub@sbcglobal.net.

The Guild says that the Chronicle laid off 18 people in the newsroom and 21 in advertising for a total of 39. Combined with the 112 buyouts announced last month, the newspaper has eliminated 151 jobs. The company’s goal was to cut 150 jobs.

Before the layoffs, there were 218 union jobs in the newsroom. Now there’s only 139.

“There are no guarantees, however. More jobs might be vulnerable if the newspaper business can’t find its way out of its tangle of technology and business problems,” the Guild said in a statement posted on its Web site.

The statement concluded:

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