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Richmond gets treatment for hiccups

Oakland Tribune columnist Dave Newhouse reports that Dennis Richmond has been afflicted with hiccups for years and is now seeking medical help for his annoying affliction in Grass Valley, where he lives.

Richmond, in his 32 years as anchor at Channel 2, said he was occasionally hit with hiccup attacks while on the air. And though he attempted mightily to suppress them, they were heard on the air possibly two times, he told Newhouse.

“… You know me, I just kept going. Every time we went to a commercial break, I would take sips of water to try and hold the hiccups down. I can’t tell you how many times we said ‘good night’ and then I started hiccuping badly,” said Richmond.

Newhouse reports that Richmond gives high marks to his replacement, Frank Somerville.

“Frank has evolved from a morning show anchor, where there’s a lot of energy and happy talk, to where he should be for the 10 o’clock news, especially on Channel 2, a straightforward, serious broadcaster.”

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