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Who needs a journalism degree anyway?

Remember the Tracy Press reporter who broke the story on the alleged killer of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu? Jennifer Wadsworth has been featured in the LA Times, appeared on the shows of Larry King, Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace and Geraldo Rivera.

It turns out that Wadsworth, 22, only has a high school diploma and is taking night classes at Las Positas College to get her associates degree. Her only experience prior to the Tracy Press was on her community college’s newspaper. The Las Positas Express carried this profile of Wadsworth. Here’s a portion of that profile:

And the college paper included this quote from her boss:

The story said Wadsworth had to withdraw from an evening class because of the extra hours she was working, but hopes to resume her education this fall. (Photo credit: LPCExpress.com, Stephen Kirschenmann)

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