First, President and GM Mickey Luckoff tells the Press Club that there are no plans at this time for KGO to add an FM signal like KCBS did earlier this year.

Second, Luckoff said on Ronn Owens’ show the other day that the station will name a permanent 10 p.m.-to-1 a.m. host “very soon.” Guest hosts who presumably are contenders for the job are (in alphabetical order):

    • Brian Copeland
    • Christine Craft
    • Jim Gabbert
    • David Lazarus
    • Pat Thurston
    • John Rothmann

Luckoff didn’t say who he favored, but told a caller complimenting Pat Thurston, “I think you’ll be hearing more from her on KGO radio.” The 10-1 slot opened up when Bernie Ward was arrested in December 2007 for child pornography.

Third, Luckoff also said that he’s interested in Renel Brooks-Moon, who recently left KISS 98.1. “I’m a great admirer of Renel’s, I think she’s a terrific talent and we are actually looking into where she wants to be next.”

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  1. Christine Craft would be an excellent choice. I don't always agree with her, but almost always find her and her shows most entertaining. Whereas the other talk show hosts seem to trot out the usual mass media "news of the day" and discuss it with an even more boring gravity, Craft is adept at bringing forth unusual, but relevant topics and guests, and she does her homework too. What results is surprising and engaging live radio. She most definitely piques my interest on a regular basis. Oh, and she's sassy and sarcastic with an unassailable independence that, oddly enough, kinda reminds me of that old codger Jim Eason.

  2. David Lazarus may be a talented writer/reporter, but he’s not a very interesting host. John Rothmann has a lot of depth and can draw upon his own experiences to explain things. He’d be my choice.

  3. Both Christine Craft and Pat Thurston are excellent. Brian Copeland is good but only when he’s doing black-specific topics. Sorry to say that he’s out of his depth when he does politics and many other matters. And his other topics are rather pedestrian.

    I didn’t think James Gabbert was interested given that he likes to travel a lot.

    I don’t know a thing about Renel, but she appears to be extremely popular with her former listeners.

  4. Of those choices, my pick would be Copeland. He’s witty, can make a point without yelling or potting down a caller, and does a greater variety of topics. Gabbert is also great, but I don’t think he needs the job.

  5. Pat Thurston is trying hard, but she’s still too green for the big leagues. Copeland, if he will agree to it, is KGO’s best choice. Rothmann is too boring.

  6. I wouldn’t read too much into Mickey’s comments. He’s careful about how he says things and probably isn’t dropping any hints. There’s a lot of speculation that they’ll hire a woman because they don’t have a female weekday host, but I wouldn’t count on it being a woman.

  7. Renel would be a great talk show host. She should consider it for her next career. She’s funny, enthusiastic and would probably bring younger listeners to KGO.

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