May 13, 2009 — Board Room, San Mateo Daily Journal. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Present: Jon Mays, Jack Russell, Micki Carter, Marshall Wilson, Ed Remitz, Melissa McRobbie and Darryl Compton; Absent: Jamie Casini, Peter Cleaveland, Dave Price

Minutes of April were approved as read.

There was no Treasurer’s Report as there have been no changes in the past month.

Open Seat

    LJ Anderson declined the invitation to take the open seat on the board. The names of Richard Rossi of Notre Dame de Namur University and Mike Abeeb of the College of San Mateo were mentioned. They will be contacted.

Professional Journalism Contest

    Darryl reported that judging results are in and he will send the plaque order this week.

Evening of Excellence June 6

    Marshall reported that Chron columnist Phil Matier will speak at the dinner. The club will comp him and a guest. Jon will talk to him about his presentation. Micki will update the invitation and get it to Marshall and Darryl. Carolyn Compton will do the centerpieces. Darryl says he doesn’t need any early help.

High School Contest

    Micki reviewed the high school awards reception on May 12 which was attended by about 50 students. She gave Darryl expense receipts and he will invoice Hillsdale Shopping Center and reimburse Micki.

High School Project

    Jon reported that Carlmont High School newspaper has a new adviser, Justin Raisner, and the Carlmont editor will serve as an intern this summer at the Daily Journal. San Mateo High School will send an intern next fall. Jon also talked to the new SMUHSD superintendent, Scott Laurence, who expressed support for student journalism in the district.

Town Hall Meeting

    Marshall reported that the Board of Supervisors and Rep. Anna Eshoo would like to serve as co-sponsors, to which the board agreed. Micki suggested that the board should serve as moderator for the panel. Marshall will report on the meeting at the awards dinner.

High School Boot Camp

    Ed is looking for dates that will work for CSM. We might be able to get the planetarium, which is right next to BLDG 18, for the general gathering room. Everyone expressed satisfaction with the rest of last year’s arrangements.

Professional Development Workshop

    Nothing firm yet but Darryl noted that CalAware would be willing to do a workshop. Marshall suggested a program on multimedia skills for journalists.


    Ed will gather a group and turn things around as quickly as possible with help from Jack Russell and Jennifer Aquino.

Summer Picnic

    Sept. 13 from 2-4 p.m. at the home of Micki Carter and Mike Venturino.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Micki Carter, Secretary

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