Hours after Glenn Beck (left) got the boot from the Pappas family’s KTRB-AM 860 as it flipped to all-sports, Clear Channel’s KNEW-AM 910 began airing a promo asking listeners to go to their Web site to say if they want Beck on the station. Beck is syndicated by Premier Radio Networks, a CC subsidiary, so he has a good chance of landing at KNEW. The ratings success of Beck’s Fox News Channel program doesn’t hurt either.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 5 p.m.: KNEW Program Director John Scott said on his blog today that the station has picked up Beck, and will be airing him from noon to 3, leading into Michael Savage, starting Tuesday, May 26.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Kinda sounds like Hugo Chavez, huh?

    Just shut down anyone that doesn’t agree with the regime.

    There may just be a reason that conservative radio thrives and left wing radio doesn’t.

  2. Actually there is a Fairness Doctrine. It still exists. All Reagan’s FCC did was stop enforcing it. But Democrats, if they had any stones, could begin enforcing it tomorrow.

  3. The fairness doctrine is just a way for liberal talk radio to steal the market from the right-wing successful stations, that they couldn’t build for themselves.

    You might as well try to force McDonalds to sell tofu, because you can’t make your tofu stand a success and it’s not fair that McDonalds is on all the good street corners.

  4. > These are the public airwaves after all.

    According to who? The airwaves belong to the corporate entities that control them. There is no "fairness doctrine" or law that requires actual fair-and-balanced programming on radio.

    You must be thinking it's still the 1950s!

  5. Sounds like a done deal. Wish they had something on their site asking people if they want a 24-hour conservative talk station or not. How about a little balance, say 12 hours of progressive views and 12 hours of people like Glenn Beck? These are the public airwaves after all.

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