Here’s a chart SFGate posted before Tuesday’s election showing the endorsements made by 10 newspapers. We added the line at the bottom showing the outcome of the election. Not one of the papers’ recommendations matched the outcome at the polls.

San Francisco’s Bay Guardian and two southern California papers agreed with the voters in rejecting 1A-1E, but those papers recommended “no” votes on 1F, which will stop pay raises for lawmakers in deficit years.

Prop 1A, which would have extended sales, income and car tax increases, failed 53-47 in San Francisco, despite the Chronicle’s endorsement of it. It also failed 54-46 in Santa Clara County where the Mercury News ran a number of editorials urging people to support it.

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  1. It was the lowest turnout on record, so the results don’t reflect much of anything, including whether endorsements matter. The State is in serious trouble now because 1A-E were rejected. And when services are stopped, voters (and those who could have voted by stayed home) will have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Newspaper editorials lost their influence long ago. About the only good they are is for campaign commercials. A commercial can use the editorial as a third-party endorsement, as in — “Vote for Measure X, which has been endorsed by the Daily Bugle.” People don’t actually read the editorial, they just assume the Measure is good if it has been endorsed by the paper.

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