Local radio expert David F. Jackson tells us that Clear Channel is close to announcing a deal that will end its ownership of Classic Rock 98.5 K-Fox (KUFX) in San Jose. The station has been held by a trustee since last summer, pending a sale, required since Clear Channel was over FCC limits for ownership in the market.

Jackson says the sale of K-Fox will end the run of classic rock — and morning superstar Greg Kihn (pictured) — on the station that was once known as KOME. It will also mean that the San Jose Sharks will be seeking a new radio flagship … and the smart money says the Sharks will land on KTRB-AM 860, which flipped to all-sports on Monday.

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  1. And now Entcomm has tweaked the format for KFOX and dumped Greg Kihn. The KFOX website no longer has information about its hosts, so it's hard to tell who else has gotten the axe.

  2. Fear not Young Rockers! Clear Channel DID indeed sell KFOX.. Laurie is BACK on the airwaves (On TWO stations might I add) KFOX and MIDDAYS (12-3) KPIG 107 OINK5 out of Freedom California, As Far As Chris Jackson, Well, He got lucky enough to go to KBAY in San Jose, where Laurie was for a while doing "Fill-Ins" . SO you see, Laurie is doing DOUBLE duties :). I got her Late Night (7-12) Show going right now! KFOX (by the way ) also acquired 102.1 F.M. Clear Channel NO LONGER OWNS KFOX it's Now a Part of ENTCOMM

  3. I am so shocked to find Chris Jackson and Laurie Roberts gone. These DJ"s made my morning. I say Greg protests to get his peeps back! Let me know when another station picks up all these of Great DJs' I will tune in. Until that time happens forget KFOX!

  4. TOTAL MISTAKE losing Chris Jackson. He and Greg were great together. He kept Greg on track and lended a solid personality with excellent music knowledge and talent. What were they thinking??
    He would be WELCOMED back to the show. Catch him before he locks into something else!!
    Chris, you are an amazing talent and cool guy – we wish you well!

  5. Well, I'm done listening to KFOX. Morning is not the same without Chris. I'm switching the newest classic rock to reach the waves recently. So long KFOX.

  6. COME ON!!!! Classic Rock Stations are really becoming extinct!!! Leave Kfox alone, keep the classic rock! Keep Greg and Bring back Chris!!!!!
    Some of us live for this music! Don't take it away!!!!!

  7. I was SHOCKED, SAD and MAD when I heard Laurie Roberts was let go. Of all the female voices on the radio, I always felt Laurie was the BEST. No one and I mean no one can come close to her when it comes to knowlege regarding Rock N Roll history. I learned alot from listening to her,and now Chris Jackson? I love Chris as well. Chris is an A+ all the way in my book. Don't tell me Greg is next!
    Greg, Chris and Laurie have shared such a close bond from day one. There not just friends, there family. I can't believe that someone could break this family up.
    I Hope someday that Greg, Chris and Laurie w/all reunite again.
    The LOYAL listeners and fans will always be thre for you three. You've given so much to us.
    Thank you and Good Luck guys !

  8. I can't imagine the morning show without Chris Jackson. I loved hearing Greg & Chris tease each other. On the few occasions I called in, Chris was always so nice. I also thought he did a great job when he filled in for some of the other DJs on occasion. He will truly be missed. Losing Laurie was bad enough, now Chris too? What is management at KFOX thinking??? Just like all the other big corporations… the almighty dollar. Not what is best for the consumers… typical. Good Luck Chris. I hope you find a great job somewhere. I'll be looking for you on the airwaves.

  9. OCT 7, 2009

    Greg is still there, but Laurie Roberts and Chris Jackson are gone.


    Chris Jackson
    Monday 10-05-2009 11:56am PT

    I have to spill my guts here.

    Forgive me. These are my opinions, not KFOX, so take them as you like.

    After 13 years of morning radio, Chris Jackson, my producer, my best friend, my brother, has been let go by KFOX radio. He no longer works for the morning show.

    I can’t tell you how that makes me feel. I ran the gamut of human emotions when I found out: first sadness, then anger, then a wave or two of paranoia, then back to sadness. Chris has been my partner for over thirteen years. It hurts.

    As the reality of the situation sank in, I realized that the face of radio is changing. Certainly you’ve noticed some old familiar voices missing from the airwaves. Things are changing.

    I love Chris Jackson. He taught me everything I know about radio. We got up hours before the crack of dawn for thirteen years…

  10. Saying goodbye to Greg will be very very sad. I truly hope this does not happen. I step further the combo of Greg & Chris is fabulous. Their show is so much more meaningful than any other program out there – we have been family for so many years – this would be very sad.

  11. Greg Kihn gone? Say it ain’t so! He is as good as they come, especially for a rocker turned radio talent. His road stories are great!
    Wherever Greg goes, I know he’ll bring a lot of his fans with him.

  12. Do you guys do any reporting or just make stuff up? Since I think you work(ed) in the newspaper “reporting” business it is hard to tell these days.

    Sure anything could happen but after a grueling 5 seconds I found the San Jose radio ratings.

    KUFX is 4th with all persons age 6+. Do you think they will fire their airstaff and change formats?

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Maybe Greg Kihn has a future at KKSF now that it’s become Clear Channel’s classic rock station in the Bay Area?

  14. Greg Kihn is great. If the new owners dump him, they’re kissing away a lot of their audience. Dumb move. Don’t do it!!!

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