Today was veteran Chronicle political writer John Wildermuth’s final day, prompting Mayor Gavin Newsom to declare May 22 as “John Wildermuth Day.” Colleague Carla Marinucci says that Wildermuth got a letter from Gov. Schwarzenegger that said in part, “You have probably reported on every topic under the sun … But it was your political coverage that had the biggest impact on our state…you will be missed.” State Sen. Mark Leno also issued a resolution in honor of Wildermuth. Marinucci writes:

    “t’s a cliche to say “end of an era,” but this time, it’s the real deal: John Wildermuth has witnessed a generation of upheaval and change in the world of journalism, a profession he jumped into back in the era of typewriters and cut-and-paste — and ended with You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. The “big guy” did it all with class. He may go on to other things — but he’ll always represent the very best of the news business.
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  1. John has been such an incredible source of credible political information and analysis for so many years in California that I’m almost fearful for the political communication void that will follow in the wake of his leaving.

    All the best to you, John. You will be badly missed.

    Marla Lowenthal

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