In Southern California, the union pension fund for Los Angeles police officers and firefighters is part of a group of investors who bought the San Diego Union-Tribune. And now the union wants to fire the paper’s editorial writers who have been critical of public employee unions, the LA Times reports.

“Since the very public employees they continually criticize are now their owners, we strongly believe that those who currently run the editorial pages should be replaced,” pension fund president Paul M. Weber wrote in a March 26 letter to Tom Gores, who heads the group that bought the paper.

The group wouldn’t discuss with the LA Times what it would do next, though it told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the pension fund leader was wasting his time.

Bay Area Media News


  1. The former owners have to be extremely relieved of the dead weight they were carrying. Let the union guys go down with the ship they’re attempting to sail.

  2. Unions destroy newspapers. Look at the ones that are dying or dead. They had unions that bled them dry. Now a union has found a new way to speed up the expiration of a newspaper.

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