Melanie Morgan, who was the morning co-host at KSFO-AM 560 for 15 years, will co-anchor a national morning radio show “with a new format aimed at showcasing investigative reporting, accountability journalism,” according to a statement from its syndicator, Talk Radio Network.

She will share the anchoring duties with John McCaslin of the Washington Times, and the program will air from that conservative newspaper’s newsroom. “The show will utilize all the resources of The Washington Times in addition to a specially formed investigative unit with 10 reporters,” the statement said.

“America’s Morning News,” which launches June 15, will have “a full spectrum ranging from breaking investigative reports in real-time to entertainment news, financial news, commentary and point vs. counterpoint,” according to TRN. TRN also syndicates Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

TRN did not say in its announcement which stations had agreed to pick up the show. In the Bay Area, the number of conservative talk stations has dropped from three to two, with KTRB-AM 680 flipping to sports last week. The remaining two already have local morning shows.

Morgan, who was let go by KSFO a year ago in a cost-cutting move, and co-host Lee Rodgers have been credited with starting the recall of Gray Davis. In 2006, she was put in the national spotlight for saying New York Times editor Bill Keller should be executed if convicted of treason for revealing government secrets in his newspaper. Most recently, Morgan led protesters who countered demonstrators who wanted to close a Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley. Morgan co-founded Move America Forward, an activist pro-troop organization, which has defended American military intervention abroad.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Wow, ill-wind-catcher, that’s hostile. If you don’t like Melanie, you don’t have to listen to her. Just turn the dial! So why the hostility? Is it because she’s effective? Is it because liberals don’t control the media like they once did, and people like Melanie can speak her mind? I thought liberals supported free speech.

  2. Looks like some people can get still get work – if they’re willing to peddle lies, hate, and slander.
    Way to go Mel – maybe someday, you’ll shed a hunred lbs or so and be the next Mannie Coulter

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