KGO-AM has shown the door to News Director Paul Hosley, Executive Producer Trish Robbins and morning weatherman Leo Ciolino (pictured) in a cost-cutting move. Hosley will be replaced by Ken Berry, a longtime KGO/KSFO staffer who is currently program director at KSFO. No word on who will be doing morning weather tomorrow. The shakeup, which apparently occurred today, was first reported by bloggers Rich Liberman and Brad Kava, and later confirmed by a KGO staffer.

The moves come six months after KGO let go Greg Edmonds, Greg Jarrett and three others for the same reason. While KGO-AM makes money, its parent company, Citadel Broadcasting, is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy because of heavy debts.

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  1. I heard that Lloyd Lindsay Young will be doing both morning and afternoon weather from his "lab" (in Fresno).

  2. I hope you're aware that Leo is about 85 years old and that picture was taken maybe 20 years ago. 85 seems like a reasonable retirement age.

  3. The rumor for sometime has been that Citadel would gut the afternoon news entirely.

    KGO is still believed to be a money maker, but Citadel purchased them just before the crash and is stupidly risking the station's future for a pitance in salary reductions.

    Don't be surprized if a bean counter comes in from out of town and takes over the programming director slot and smashes the station into little bits.

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