The Bay Area Reporter says that KRON 4 has “retired” from covering the LGBT Pride Parade and will hand the baton to KOFY 20. This year’s parade is set for Sunday, June 28, and KOFY plans to air the parade at 8 p.m. that evening.

Apparently broadcasting the parade live over a federally-licensed TV station isn’t going to happen on either station.

A couple of years ago, KRON4, still stinging from a $27,500 FCC fine over a penis puppet show that went awry, decided to drop live coverage for fear of racy images going out on the airwaves live. Instead, it aired an edited version in prime time.

For those who want to watch the parade live, the Reporter says Comcast channel 99 will show the event starting at 10 a.m. Sunday, June 28. The parade can also be seen live via Clear Channel Radio at The parade itself starts at 10:30 a.m.

Bay Area Media News


  1. It was some of worst coverage. I loved Jai Rodriguez on Queer Eye, but OMG it is like he knew nothing about the Gay Community beyond the pretty boy set. Leather Community – oh what's that? Bears – Oh I like their color scheme – Dignity – Oh look they have birds on sticks – what he's never heard of the Dove representing the Holy Spirit? The more my partner and I watched the more irritating it was to hear his questions and comments. It's one thing not to be familiar with the Sf specific organizations, although they all complete an information form for TV – but to be so oblivious about the community in general – really Jai – read an Advocate – do something – educate yourself about the LGBT community beyond – the FAB set.

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