The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism have announced the fellowship winners in its Investigative Reporting Fellowships:

    • Ryan Gabrielson of the East Valley Tribune in Mesa, Ariz., a recipient of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting, and 
    • Matt Isaacs, editorial coordinator for The Lee Brandenburg Trust established by a philanthropist dedicated to investigative journalism and social justice.

The director of the program is Professor Lowell Bergman, the former “60 Minutes” producer whose tobacco industry investigation was chronicled in the 1999 film “The Insider,” in which Bergman was played by Al Pacino.

A panel of journalists chose the fellows, who receive a $45,000 salary and are provided with office space, phones, and expenses for approved travel.

Here’s a link to the release detailing the fellowships.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Interesting that Matt Isaacs is "dedicated to investigative journalism and social justice" unless you consider his adept ability to insult people as social justice. Just an FYI, if you invite Matt Isaacs over to your home expect to be criticized and laughed at after being gracious. This man is a moron and displays this talent with his poor writing skills and sad social behavior. Amazingly as a fellowship winner he receives a “$45,000 salary is provided with an office space, phone, and expenses for approved travel” Is this why California has such a large deficit?
    Hey Matt, this is your Dogma running over your bad, bad, bad Karma.

  2. If the Sandler family is behind these fellowships (and I'll bet they are) don't expect these reporters will do anything about the meltdown in the mortgage industry. That's because the Sandlers owned World Savings and Golden West Bank, which made billions on teaser-rate mortgages and other schemes. They sold at the top of the market. Because they contributed to Democratic politicians, including Obama, they were never charged. And they kept journalists off their but by funding ventures like Hope somebody nails them. They did a lot of harm. But I won't hold my breath expecting any Berkeley investigative reporter to confront them with their deeds.

  3. Gabrielson couldn't get several fellowships to give him the time of day three months ago but once he wins the Pulitzer, he's golden.

  4. Seems to me that the National Enquirer deserves a investigative journalism award for their John Edwards coverage.

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