Warren “Allen” White, a former reporter for gay newspapers who later did public relations work for churches and other organizations, died Sunday at age 70, according to the Bay Area Reporter, where he had once worked. He was also a reporter at the defunct Sentinel gay newspaper. “His, at times ornery — but constructive — criticism, which he was never shy to share with me, will be greatly missed,” said state Sen. Mark Leno.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Allen could be easily described as a cremudgeon but he was also an honest journalist who told it the way he saw it. Too bad lgbt media didn't produce more revenues to pay a guy like him to cover the news.

  2. Allen was "straight," as in honest and dependable. A man is as good as his word and Allen's word was good as gold.

  3. Allen was San Francisco's most effective advocate for gay issues for more than 30 years. He was a trustworthy and valuable resource for reporters. His invincible strength was his unassailable moral credibility.

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