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Whoops, was that off the record?

Duffy Carolan, the attorney representing the Chauncey Bailey project, was chewed out by a judge for telling reporters that prosecutors won’t seek the death penalty for Yusuf Bey IV and Antoine Mackey for the murders of Bailey and two other men.

Prosecutor Chris Lamiero told Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson about the decision in a closed session in his chambers where Carolan was present, according to Bay City News. Here’s BCN’s account of the courtroom action:

After the May 29 hearing, Carolan said the Chauncey Bailey Project wants to have the grand jury’s transcript unsealed because it believes the public has a right to see if the state entered into an appropriate plea agreement with Devaughndre Broussard.

According to BCN, Carolan said she also will argue that the gag order, which was first imposed by Judge Allan Hymer at a May 13 hearing and continues in force, should be lifted because “it’s important for the news media to have access to official sources and not have to rely on third parties” who might have incorrect information about the case.

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