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Husbands of imprisoned reporters speak

KTVU reports there were some heart-wrenching moments Wednesday night at a vigil in San Francisco where the husbands of Current TV reporters Laura Ling and Euna Ling talked about the imprisonment of their wives by North Korea.

Iain Clayton said his wife, Laura Ling, is suffering from an ulcer and she requires medical attention.

“From what we have heard is that it has actually gotten worse,” Clayton saod. “And not only is their physical situation of concern, but also their mental situation is of great concern to us. They are obviously both very scared and alone and frightened about the situation.”

Euna Lee’s husband, Michael Saldate, struggled to control his emotions as he described his phone conversation with his wife.

Saldate said his wife wanted to leave a phone message for their daughter to play whenever she asks for her mother. “In her message she said she misses Hannah and she loves her very much, and that Mommy will be finished with work soon and she will be home. And the whole time in her voice there this sense of apology.”

Above is a picture of Hannah at Wednesday night’s vigil.

Saldate said that message has given little Hannah enough strength to comfort both of them through these difficult times.

“She said, ‘Daddy don’t cry. Mommy will be home very soon.”

The women were captured March 17 while on assignment for San Francisco-based Current TV, the network co-founded by Al Gore. They have been sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp.

The husbands said they have forwarded cards and letters to them. They believe those messages are giving the women strength. (Photo credit: KTUV)

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