Karel, who lost his job at KGO-AM after an obscenity laced tirade about Joe the Plumber, has been terminated by KNGY-FM “Energy 92.7” after four months. Karel, whose real name is Charles Karel Bouley, said on his own blog that he was told he was let go because of financial reasons. “It’s a new show and so as ratings tend to do, they drop off at first and then rebuild. The building process isn’t happening fast enough for management so the money men (and women) said, stop,” Karel wrote. The station plays music oriented to an LGBT audience, and talk apparently didn’t fit in. He’s still on Monterey’s KRXA-AM (540) and he told blogger Rich Lieberman that is looking for another San Francisco station, and has talked to John Scott of KKGN “Green 960.” (Photo via advocate.com)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear a fellow broadcaster lose a gig, but Karel lives in L.A. so why is he so bound and determined to get a job in San Francisco?

    The most successful talk hosts in the Bay Area are all based here. All of the KGO hosts live here as does KKGN's only non syndicated host Angie Coiro.

    Good luck to Karel, but maybe he should look for a job in L.A.

  2. No one like to see someone struggle like this…Karel excepted. His jocular persona masks a dark and hostile sidekick. Toxic radio to be sure.

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