Ben Fong-Torres reports in his Chronicle column that that weatherman Leo Ciolino, news director Paul Hosley and executive producer Trish Robbins weren’t fired because of budget cutting.

“We completed a well-planned restructure which (is) strategic in an effort to improve our product,” KGO-AM/KSFO president and Mickey Luckoff said. “Ken Berry returns to a post (news director) … which in the past he held and which contributed to our award-winning, unique style. Jack Swanson resumes his position in charge of the programming of KGO and KSFO. These moves were in no way attributed to cost cutting and were initiated here by our local management.”

Ciolino’s morning reports are now handled by Lloyd Lindsay Young, who previously was just doing afternoon weather on KGO.

Bay Area Media News


  1. I agree and call bullsh*t on Mickey. I worked at KGO for 8 years and mickey didn't do squat. Mickey is throwing people under the bus when really it's HIS fault is bottom feeder in the ratings.

  2. Its true. Since Citadel purchased the group, the local management hasn't been able to do very much.

    With the commission reductions on the sales staff to the retention of the lower paid programmers and of course, the people meter results – poor Mickey is in control of nothing anymore.

  3. I call bullsh*t. I work at KGO and love Mickey…but he hasn't been able to "initiate" anything at the station level.

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