Here are some of the Bay Area winners in 2009 Mark Twain Awards, presented Saturday night at Universal Studios by the Associated Press Television-Radio Association of California and Nevada.

    • Dick Terry Videographer of the Year: Dean Smith, KGO, San Francisco.

    • Chris Harris Reporter of the Year: Hank Plante, KPIX

    • Best Serious Feature: “The Quiet Room,” Anna Werner, Abigail Sterling, Gerard Watson, Greg Marasso, KPIX

    • Best Videography of a News Feature: “A Real Car,” Anne Onate, KTVU

    • Best Assignment Team/Live Breaking News: “Summit Fire,” Angelina Baray, KNTV

    • Best Radio Investigative Reporting: “Carpool Confusion,” Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Best Serious Feature: “The Milk-Moscone Murders: Thirty Years Later,” R.J. Peruman, KGO-AM

    • Best Use of Sound-Serious or Hard News: “American Dream Evicted,” Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Pat Davis Radio Reporter of the Year: Bret Burkhart, KGO-AM

    • Best News Broadcast (More than 15 Minutes): KCBS 5 p.m. News,” KCBS AM/FM, San Francisco.

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