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Police seek sportswriter's next of kin

Police in Milwaukee and San Jose are trying to find the next of kin of a journalist with roots in the Campbell area.

According to the Lahontan Valley News in Fallon, Nev., sportswriter Chuck Hildebrand suffered a massive heart attack in Milwaukee and is near death. He is unconscious and in critical condition, the paper said.

Hildebrand had been in Milwaukee to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Milwaukee Brewers and suffered the heart attack on Monday (June 29). A Milwaukee police officer has been calling phone numbers listed in Hildebrand’s cell phone in an attempt to locate Hildebrand’s family.

The Milwaukee police officer contacted San Jose police officer Matt Christian, who is looking for relatives here. Anyone with information is asked to call Christian at (831) 245-5814.

According to the Nevada newspaper, Hildebrand founded Nevada Prep as a newspaper focusing on high school sports in Northern Nevada in 1998. In 1999 he ceased the printed version and created nevadaprep.com, which he operated until selling the Web site in 2007. In the eight years that he ran nevadaprep.com, Hildebrand concentrated his coverage on high school sports in rural Nevada.

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