Michael Mechanic of Mother Jones says KRON is blurring the line between advertising and news. He says the station contacted a lawyer friend of his and offered to sell her air time. She was told she would appear as legal expert on what looks like a news program. The segment would have only a brief disclosure that it was advertising. Mechanic writes, “When the old media turns to obvious desperation measures, I just can’t help pondering the future of my profession and concluding, well, that we should be expecting even more fog in the future.”

UPDATE, July 10:KRON Acting General Manager Brian Greif e-mailed a response to the SFWeekly: “The material referred to in the article are COMMERCIALS. … These efforts have been in place at KRON for years. They are not new elements and meet all ethical and legal broadcast standards.”

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  1. KRON has been doing this for years, not that anybody would notice give their low ratings. The MJ piece says the lawyer was offered 5 minutes at $1,000. If KRON were to actually get that price ($200/minute), it would be one of the most expensive spots on that station. I don't even think they're getting $100/30 seconds in primetime.

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