KTVU, KPIX, KGO and KNTV have rejected ads from a group that wants to legalize marijuana and tax the drug to help reduce the state’s deficit. KRON, which is in bankruptcy, and some cable stations agreed to air the 30-second spot by the Marijuana Policy Project. It begins airing today.

Josh Richman of BANG-EB talked to station executives about their decisions.

The Field Poll in April found 56 percent of California voters favor legalizing marijuana. A few days later, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said “it’s time for a debate” over legalization.

Bay Area Media News


  1. seems like these stations are saying that the people can't debate certain subjects on the air — maybe their licenses should be given to people with a broader perspective?

  2. The Field poll has lots of interesting things. Some of their findings become newsworthy such as this marijuna poll. Other Field Poll results are left alone eventhough they too have bearing on current issues. I wonder why, for instance, we don't read about Field Poll opinions on the current California budget crisis? Is it because those who select what is newsworthy don't like the results? When polls showed prop 8 losing in polls we read about it. When polls showed it prevailing that news was thinly noted. I would love to be proven wrong–i'll know that has happened when I read a front page above the fold poll showing support for any issue favorable to conservatives. Such an occurance may even rate a story itself.

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