The Daily Post announced today that it will launch a Saturday edition starting this week. The Post will go from printing five days a week to six. The Post is based in Palo Alto and covers the Peninsula from Burlingame to Mountain View.

The Post said the move will allow it to present Friday’s news in a more timely manner and give its advertisers another day to reach potential customers.

The Post was started last year by Jim Pavelich and Dave Price (see note below). They started the Palo Alto Daily News in 1995 and sold it in 2005 to Knight Ridder.

The expansion comes at a time when other papers in the area are retrenching. The Post doesn’t put its stories on the Web and that might be one reason for its growth.

“People say newspapers are dying, but we didn’t get that memo,” said Price. “We’re adding advertisers and readers every day.”

(Full disclosure: Price is also a vice president of the Press Club and its webmaster.)

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  1. If you read the Daily Post, you find they're really doing old fashioned journalism, covering basic beats like cops, courts and the school board. What makes the Post stand out, however, is sharp writing, clever headlines and good story choices. Even if you don't like the Post's point of view, you find yourself compelled to get a copy everyday, fearing you'll miss something interesting or important.

  2. – didn't Price and Pavlich carpetbag into town from Redneck, Colorado in the 90s? the next story that they run that is upbeat or positive will be their first. If a kid runs over an ant on her tricyle you can bet the Post headline will scream "Helpless animals murdered by spoiled child!" Their agenda appears to be to make people feel bad about themselves. Who can forget D Diamond's editorial in the Daily News post 9/11 "I am a rich white woman. How can TSA think I'm a terrorist?!" keep up the great werk.

  3. RE: "I'd be more impressed if there was context. No, instead all we get are barely legible lists of what secretaries and the like make at City Hall."

    Actually every salary list I saw was accompanied with stories that gave the numbers context. I saw stories that looked at the issue from several angles. For a lot of us (those of us who pay the taxes for these salaries) the Post's coverage was welcomed.

  4. the daily post is a piece of crap. I am amazed when i see an educated person even look at the piece of shit. It is pitiful

  5. Anonymous: "philosphe?" No "principals?" Must be one of the public school "principals" whose salary Price made public.

  6. Price is a WHORE!!!!! His whole philosphe is grabbing the most readers with the BIGGEST headline possible. His Editorial postion? "poll the town and we'll take the postion most people agree with." What kind of editor is that? NO PRINCIPALS! He is a SHAMELESS selfpromoter. It is disgusting so many people read his shit…particulary his editorials!

  7. Sit in a coffee shop where there are stacks of the Post, Daily News and Daily Journal. Watch what what paper people pick. That's all you need to know about the Post.

  8. Oh skippy! Now we get six days of inaccurate and biased "journalism."

    Guts to take on salaries? Puh-leze. I'd be more impressed if there was context. No, instead all we get are barely legible lists of what secretaries and the like make at City Hall.

    The Post's agenda is crystal clear: Bend the facts around the slightest shred of controversy to move papers. It's savvy, yes, but it's not journalism. Not by a long stetch.

    Hell, I'll be surprised if Price even allows this comment as he is wont to keep anything remotely critical of his paper off the blog.

  9. Simple supply and demand. People want news and they will go where they have to to get it. Plus the Post had the guts to take on government salaries, something the reader couldn't get anywhere else. The Post sets its own agenda, not waiting for MSM to do it.
    As for major dailies – update the old saw about the cow and milk to read: "why buy a paper when new's so cheap." Or, as they said in the red light district in the '60s,"we've got competition now. Too many free samples."

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