Joe Eskenazi of the SF Weekly reports that the Bay Area News Group-East Bay has 17 fewer journalists today than it did yesterday. Eskenazi obtained an internal memo from Editor Kevin Keene that said 11 employees took voluntary buyouts and six had their positions “eliminated, effectively immediately.”

Taking buyouts were:

    • Dave Carpenter, copy editor
    • Pat Craig, theater critic
    • Mike DeCicco, copy editor
    • Christine Harrington, Alameda clerk
    • Ben Hawkins, copy editor
    • Karen Holzmeister, Hayward-based reporter
    • Paula King, east Alameda County reporter
    • Kathleen Kirkwood, online news supervisor
    • Christine Morente, San Mateo reporter
    • Jeremiah Oshan, copy editor
    • Kimberly Wetzel, west Alameda County reporter

Those whose positions were eliminated were:

    • Mike Lucia, Hayward-based photographer
    • Mike Martinez, Tracy-based reporter
    • Jenny Starks, sports reporter
    • Ginny Stemler, librarian
    • Jolene Thym, food editor
    • Steve R. Waterhouse, Fremont-based prep sportswriter
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  1. It really is pathetic that these phoney managers keep cutting content producers to save their own worthless hides. ANG editors contribute nothing to the journalistic process except adding a layer of spellchecking. They would sooner die than leave the office to report a story, yet they keep whittling away their own staff. The shell game of filling "news holes" with shared, irrelevant regional content will only become more obvious as this death spiral continues. And that loser Singleton does nothing while his management apparatus kills his product? Bankruptcy ho!

  2. In order to get a contract so they could brag about it and "help" their membership drive, the guild gave up their right to contest any layoffs. The company can cut anyone they want (or keep anyone they want) and the guild has no power to fight it.
    Which is funny, cuz that's the way it would be WITHOUT a guild.

  3. I noticed, with the lone exception of Kathleen Kirkwood, no other managers were "let go." Amazing, especially when several people working there can come up with at least three names of higher-ups who could go quickly and painlessly.

  4. It's the Singleton Business Model: Cut the newsroom to pump up EBITDA. But when news quality falls, the paper loses readers. Lower circulation translates into reduced advertising revenues. That forces more newsroom cuts. Cycle repeats itself.

  5. And I thought BANG coverage sucked before these latest cuts. Now I have every reason to cancel my subscription.
    The copy editing suffered, the reporting suffered and now, with these cuts, we'll have more "regional" stories that reflect the sorry state of BANG journalism.
    Someone, please, send Dean Singleton and Kevin Keane to Afghanistan.

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