“In San Francisco, in 1856, at the corner of Montgomery and Washington, an infuriated San Francisco Supervisor, James P. Casey, shot and killed the editor of the Bulletin, who bore the quaint name, James King of William. Casey was arrested and jailed, only to be sprung and lynched by the Vigilance Committee.”

That’s the beginning of “War of Words,” by Simon Read, a lively tale of mayhem, murder, lawlessness, and the creation of the Chron.

Here’s a review that appeared in the Marin Independent Journal by Doug Maloney, a San Rafael attorney and former county counsel in Marin County.

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  1. As a side note, that wasn't much of a review on Simon Read's book as it was a way to tie in the problems newspapers now face.
    And as far as the media and freedom of the press, do we really want to go there? No, because we all know the ugly truth.
    As a European immigrant, I laugh at the freedom of the press here. What freedom? And as for different editorial voices, you only two major newspapers in this area and that is your boast for divergent voices?
    Simpletons, children, boorish buffoons. You could learn a lesson from your European ancestors.

  2. I'd comment but Dave Price you're too much of a coward to approve posts that call you out. The press loves to trumpet their freedom of the press slogans and then behind the scenes behave as gatekeepers. Watch–you'll post this as if to suggest you do not have such a policy.

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