Most of the pages of the San Jose Mercury News don’t say “Mercury News” on the top folio line anymore. Instead they say “Bay Area News Group.” Of course the front page still says “San Jose Mercury News” along with section fronts and the editorial page. The Merc has been in the process of moving its copy desk to the Walnut Creek offices of the Contra Costa Times, both owned by MediaNews Group.

Bay Area Media News


  1. I get the feeling that the plan is to consolidate all of the Bay area news group papers into one publication with a regional focus.

  2. "You mean like when your former $25 million newspaper had …"

    Is somebody jealous? The Daily News staffers would find it's more productive to double check their own copy for typos than spend their time online slamming successful rivals.

  3. I've thrown the paper away, so I can't check the exact wording, but I was reading the recent Sunday edition of the San Mateo County Times, and the top folio line said something like "Bay Area News Group – East Bay Edition." San Mateo County is not in the East Bay.

  4. You mean like when your former $25 million newspaper had "Daily News" on the folios, while the front page of each so-called edition had the city name? Guess you're being flattered by imitation.

  5. Maybe the Merc's folios some day will say "Denver Post." As another example of the sorry state of today's print journalism, the person who delivers the Chronicle to my doorstep left the Oakland Tribune one day this week by mistake.

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