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'The Greek' enters baseball Hall of Fame

“I’m extremely grateful and humbled to be standing here before the great players I covered, to receive recognition for doing something I loved and was fortunate to get paid for it. My journalism professors emphasized that a reporter should never be part of the story, so I am a little uncomfortable standing before you and becoming part of this story … “

So began Nick “The Greek” Peter’s 8-minute induction speech at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., on Sunday. Here’s a link to how MLB covered it, with video of Peters’ speech.

Peters attended City College of San Francisco and San Jose State before covering the San Francisco Seals, and when the Giants came to town in 1958, he took over that beat.

He went on to cover the Giants longer than any man in history, but he also frequently hopped across the Bay to write about the A’s, MLB reported. In addition, Peters is the author of five books. (Photo credit: Video frame grab from MLB)

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