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Palo Alto's Daily News to change size again

E&P reports that Palo Alto’s Daily News plans to switch this fall to a 21-inch deep broadsheet. Three months ago, the free daily went from 16.25 inches deep to its current size of 11.25 deep.

Production and Creative Services manager Christine Eng told E&P that the five-day newspaper’s changed its size because it has changed printers — from a commercial shop to the pressroom of owner MediaNews Group’s San Jose Mercury News.

Currently the Daily News is nearly the dimensions of a square. When it switches to a broadsheet, it will be the same size as the Mercury News.

The Web site free-daily.com, which E&P credits with breaking the story about the size change, said the Daily News might be able to pick up more advertisers with a broadsheet format, particularly stores selling women’s apparel which favor large ads and big photos.

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