E&P reports that Palo Alto’s Daily News plans to switch this fall to a 21-inch deep broadsheet. Three months ago, the free daily went from 16.25 inches deep to its current size of 11.25 deep.

Production and Creative Services manager Christine Eng told E&P that the five-day newspaper’s changed its size because it has changed printers — from a commercial shop to the pressroom of owner MediaNews Group’s San Jose Mercury News.

Currently the Daily News is nearly the dimensions of a square. When it switches to a broadsheet, it will be the same size as the Mercury News.

The Web site free-daily.com, which E&P credits with breaking the story about the size change, said the Daily News might be able to pick up more advertisers with a broadsheet format, particularly stores selling women’s apparel which favor large ads and big photos.

Bay Area Media News


  1. yeah, i've heard the long term plan is to make the 'daily news' a section of the mercury for subscribers in palo alto … i wonder how many of those subscribers would appreciate that? … and if you stripped the mercury stories out of the 'daily news', how much local news would be left? probably not enough to fill a four-page section …

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