For weeks, South Bay political observers have been trying to figure out who is behind the very personal and nasty blog San Jose Revealed.

Dan Pulcrano of Metro and Scott Herhold of the Merc think they have figured it out — Philip Bump, who apparently has ties to the South Bay Labor Council and its chief executive Cindy Chavez, who lost the race for mayor to Chuck Reed. The blog attacks Reed’s people, which kind of made it easy to figure out which faction in town was behind the blog.

Metro and the Merc took different approaches to smoking out the sock puppet. Herhold took the academic approach, comparing the writing styles of the blog and another blog that Bump admits to authoring. Pulcrano, on the other hand, bases his accusation against Bump on “electronic evidence.”

For what it’s worth, San Jose Revealed hasn’t posted a new item since Sunday. Maybe they caught him?

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  1. San Jose Revealed is an attempt to discredit investigative journalism about political influence and contributions.

    Meto did what it's supposed to do, and the South Bay Labor Council paid a web guy to build a website and slime Metro's pubisher.

    Journalists should be outraged by ths…

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