Two years ago, an anonymous online critic who calls himself Spocko sent sound bites of KSFO hosts to advertisers and got a few of them to drop the conservative station. Now he claims to have knocked off two more clients, Beach Blanket Babylon and LifetimeTV. Given the left-wing leanings of the ongoing Babylon show, it’s hard to imagine that they would be advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s SF station in the first place, but apparently they were. As for Lifetime, it’s owned by Hearst and Disney. Disney was formerly KSFO’s owner until ABC’s radio stations were sold to Citadel. We’ve sent an e-mail to KSFO management to get their side of the story.

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  1. Keith Olbermann tells you when he's commenting. He deals in facts from his perspective. On KSFO that usually is not the case. Conjecture and opinion as fact. Also I don't know if Spocko demanded the sponsors do anything. He just sent them audio content that the sponsors were underwriting. Problem? I don't think so. If you think it will help, send the sponsors at MSNBC sound bites of Keith's special commentary. Let them hear what Olbermann is saying. You owe it to them.

  2. I too am interested in what the KSFO management will say. If the writer of this post from the SFPPC wants actually talk to the people who from Lifetime and BBB drop me an email and I'll pass on the contact information. It's always important to be accurate and go to the source.

  3. I look forward to Spocko sending Keith Olbermann clips to whomever thinks their brand is burnished by his spittle.

  4. Funny how liberals like Spocko will tell you they're for free speech — along as it is speech they agree with. If you say anything they disagree with, they try to shut you down.

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