ABC News reports that Bill Clinton will arrive back in the U.S. in hours with Current TV reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling, who were released by North Korea after Clinton’s surprise visit to the country helped negotiate their pardon.

Lee and Ling’s families said in a joint statement that they were “overjoyed by the news of their pardon.”

“We are so grateful to our government: President Obama, Secretary Clinton and the U.S. State Department for their dedication to and hard work on behalf of American citizens,” the statement said. “We especially want to thank President Clinton for taking on such an arduous mission and Vice President Al Gore for his tireless efforts to bring Laura and Euna home.”

Gore is the co-founder of Current TV, the San Francisco-based employer of the two reporters.

Above, Laura Ling, far left, and Euna Lee, second right, head to a chartered plane bound for Los Angeles at an airport in Pyongyang. Photo by Xinhua via AP.

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  1. First, N Korea has expressed over and over again that it wanted straight diplomatic talks with the US regarding its nuke program. But the US was insistent that talks be in the party of six, which included S. Korea and China.
    Second, Ubro is an idiot. This was not a Bill Clinton campaign. During his presidency, Clinton had wanted to visit N. Korea, what's wrong with that as far as diplomacy? Also, when Kim's father died, Clinton sent the family a message of condolence and the N. Korean leader never forgot that simple gesture.
    Third, because of that gesture, the N. Koreans made it clear that they wanted Clinton, not Obama.
    Finally, these are the UNITED states? Ha, talk about being divided, a simple thing such as the return of two reporters to their families becomes fodder for bitter resentment and talk of conspiracy. Why must every little gesture, every utterance and every act be used to attack?
    This is not a peace-loving nation. It can't be because there are so many dividing lines, so many roadblocks no matter what someone does to better situations.
    You can't honestly believe that we are the best example of a peace-loving nation? We're constantly at war within our own borders.
    How can we expect the rest of the world to obtain peace if we're always at war with each other?
    And don't say it's just agreeing to disagree; it borders on downright hatred of the other side many times.

  2. Why is it no surprise that The Americans don't even want them and wanted them to stay in their native China. This smells of a publicity campaign for Bill Clintons Democratic party back home to bathe in a few last glimmers of glory as the Obama Administration turns out to be the US nations worst presidential administration in its history. Ling and Lee should have been kept back in Korea in their Asian homeland under lock and key, as the ones to suffer worst will ultimately be the North Koreans for this Chinese betrayal.

  3. Too bad we had to use all this diplomatic muscle to get these two women freed when we could have used it on getting NK to stop its nuke program. Who knows, maybe this episode made Kim think he could get away with a larger nuclear program.

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