The Daily News (formerly Palo Alto Daily News) announced today that it will switch to a 21-inch long page size on Tuesday, its next edition. It will be the third page size the free daily has had this year going from 16 inches to 11 inches and now 21 inches.

When the MediaNews-owned paper switched to an 11-inch page in May, it said in a similar announcement to readers:

    Our new look is designed to showcase one or two top Peninsula stories of the day on the cover and give you a road map of teasers to the best local news, sports, entertainment and business stories inside. … The change also brands our newspaper as different than the local competition, and makes it easier for our on-the-go readers to carry around. …

    Our advertisers will also gain as their messages will stand out more than before in a wider column size with greater page dominance. The change in size, along with an in creased distribution in our core cities, makes the Daily News an even more effective marketing product.

In announcing the switch to 21-inch page, the Daily News said today:

    … Though we reduced our size in a cost cutting move a few months ago, we’re now able to produce a rarity in the newspaper world — a free daily broadsheet that will allow us to give readers a more attractive presentation of the news and advertisers the best bang for their bucks.

    On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, The Daily News will come in two sections. The first section will contain all the local news and columns you’re familiar with, along with business, regional, national and world news, as well as the opinion/letters page.

    The second section will feature our strong local sports coverage and include Fusion Arts & Entertainment, style, health, Abby, puzzles, movies, TV listings and other familiar staples.

    On Fridays, we’ll also produce a third section featuring an expanded Fusion Arts & Entertainment, complete with travel stories and restaurant reviews.

    And on Saturdays, our third section will be “On the Market,” featuring real estate related news stories, home and garden features, and a heavy dose of real estate ads.

The announcement didn’t say how the Daily News would fit the 21-inch paper in the windows of its news boxes, which were designed for tabloid products. (Full disclosure: The editor of this page, Dave Price, is the former editor and owner of the Palo Alto Daily News and now is one its competitors.)

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  1. You don't see people reading the Daily News anymore. Maybe they do in places not visible to the public. But the only paper I see people holding in their hands is the Daily Post.

  2. Daily News has a great looking paper now and has the best local sports coverage of any paper around.

  3. The *new* DN doesn't fit into the display window of its newsracks. It occupies about two thirds of the space. The top third is empty. I would imagine that for a free newspaper, it's important to properly display the paper in a rack. Why didn't MediaNews didn't change out those racks to accommodate a broadsheet? Does MediaNews believe the DN is a lost cause, and not worth the money?

  4. I read the first two issues of the broadsheet DN and it's not bad. They could tweak a few things (perhaps a heavier main headline font than helvetica bold) but the presentation was pretty good. With five or six stories on the front, they can present a more balanced perspective of the news in their coverage area than the approach of running just one main story on the front. The sports front has a lot of energy displaying stories and pics that really didn't stand out in the tabloid format. The request for sports memories strikes me as a great idea. Not not a bad start.

  5. Baynewser had am excellent take on this:

    And we thought our wives took a long time to arrange themselves just so before an evening out.

    For the third time this year, the Daily News of Palo Alto is undergoing a format change.

    Perhaps advertisers weren't buying into the miniature size. Maybe MediaNews decided that bigger really was better. Perhaps the layout designer has ADD.

    Whatever it is, we look forward to the next size shift, probably sometime in November.

  6. In the Daily News announcement from May it said: "…different than (sic) the local competition…"

    That is incorrect grammar, no matter WHAT size your newspaper is. Editor, please!

  7. Hey, I see the MediaNews Defender is back, posting anonymously of course. I thought you might be out on furlough. But, no, you're spending your work hours surfing the Web and posting comments. Great work ethic!!

    So explain to us how the past couple rounds of layoffs are really a good thing? Or how the consolidation of previously local papers will help the reader. Oh, do tell, Mr. or Ms. Defender of All Things Singleton.

  8. Sniping aside, I would be interested in knowing why the DN has made such radical changes in the past few months. This is very unusual.

  9. ve:

    Folded over, the new paper will fit fine in the window (try it with a Merc). Why bother pointing out that the editor's note didn't explain how the paper would fit in the box? Then again, it's just par for the course that you'd look for any flaw — perceived or real — to crow about here.

    @Anonymous x1

    Er, why don't you ask the Chron, the Merc and the other "traditional" papers how they've managed to overcome that obviously sticky issue.

    @Anonymous x3

    Look, more hackneyed criticism on the blog. What a shocker.

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