The SF Busienss Times reports that the Examiner is on the move again.

The free daily owned by conservative oilman Phil Anschutz has moved into 16,942 square feet on the second floor of 71 Stevenson St. in the South of Market Area neighborhood.

The Ex will sublease the space from H5, which occupies about 50,000 square feet in the 23-story building.

The move marks the third time the newspaper has relocated since Hearst Corp. sold the Examiner in 2000. The original buyer, the Fang family, moved the Examiner to the Warfield building at 988 Market St. In February of 2004, Anschutz bought the paper for $10.7 million and traded the gritty Tenderloin digs for about 13,000 square feet at 450 Mission St., across the street from the Transbay Terminal.

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  1. I'm still waiting for that 'live' album Neil Young recorded in the empty theater. The Ex was swell, one of the highlights of my life, I loved doing the Q&A column and despite that Burgin was an incompetent editor, it was a great newspaper for a brief moment.

  2. Also shows how much sway the X had with voters. A show of hands for those who voted for the McPalin ticket.
    Just as I thought.

  3. The best part of being in the Warfield building during that time was all the free music when concerts were being played there.
    We had access to see whatever band or group was playing there at the time, which was always fun. But as professionals that we were, we never crossed that line.
    During deadlines, we could listen to Neil Young and others. But we did try to ignore the comedian Carrot Top, he was sad.

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