The San Matean, the student newspaper at the College of San Mateo, said in an editorial Wednesday that it is concerned that the school has plans to interfere with the paper’s content. Last spring, the paper obtained a document by a faculty committee proposing that faculty members edit the paper to make it is something the school could be proud of.

The paper has submitted public records requests to President Michael Claire to obtain more information about the college’s plans for the student-run newspaper. The paper said its first request for memos, e-mails and other documents was ignored for two months. A follow-up letter resulted in the release of information which had previously been available, but none of memos or e-mails. Now, Claire is talking to legal counsel about what information he has to release to the paper.

Keeping an eye on the situation is The Student Press Law Center, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and Adam Keigwin, Chief of Staff for State Senator Leland Yee.

The paper quotes Keigwin as saying, “”The (open records) law is there for good reason and the administration has to comply.”

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  1. By this reckoning the college ought to hire a professional organization to produce The San Matean. No, the purpose of a student newspaper is offer students the opportunity to express themselves. They will learn from their mistakes. (Please underscore the word "learn.")

  2. I don't know how the paper looks now, but a few years ago it needed an editor. Mistakes every issue. I would rather have a paper I can be "proud of" than one I have to be ashamed of.
    Who's paying the bills for the paper? If the kids really want independence they should pay for it themselves. You know, like when you leave home, dude.

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