KGO Newstalk 810 announced today that long-time overnight weekend host John Rothmann will become the permanent host of the 10 p.m.-1 a.m. time slot beginning Monday.

That time slot has been vacant since the arrest of Bernie Ward on child porn charges in 2007. A number of hosts have been filling in, including Rothmann.

Rothmann has been at KGO since August of 1996 when he was brought on as a fill-in. Then, in October of 1997 he was pegged for the overnight weekend show where he has been ever since. He has lectured on American politics, the Presidency and the Middle East throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel.

“As an author, teacher, and political consultant, John will definitely keep up
his end of the of the conversation on the air,” said President and General Manager Mickey Luckoff.

“I’m thrilled”, exclaimed Rothmann “and can’t wait to get started!”

Rothmann co-authored a book with David G. Dallin entitled “Icon of Evil” that comes out in paperback later this month.

John is a 4th generation San Franciscan and lives with his wife, Ellen, and their two sons, Samuel and Joel, in the city by the Bay.

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  1. Gil Gross is the most boring talk show host that I have ever listened to. Quite often, I would have his show on while at work, and at the end of his 2 hours, cannot even recall what he was talking about!

    Brian Copeland, in contrast, brings up very interesting topics. Copeland has improved a lot in the last 10+ years. In the past, he used to talk about some vague and unimportant stories, but nowadays, his topics are much more interesting.

  2. I have lived out of the city for many years, but can only remember how brilliant and articulate John Rothmann has always been throughout Madison School and Roosevelt and beyond. It does not surprise me that he is a man who strongly continues to stand up for what he believes in. He is a born leader and a hard worker in the community. I know that he is capable of doing a lot for issues at the municipal, state, and federal level. I would not be surprised or disappointed and I think that he deserves support from all of his colleagues at every level. All the best John.
    Linda Bloom – Arizona

  3. Rothmann is obviously bright and knowledgeable but he has a mental block and a line that he will not cross when it comes to even considering-for instance-that Israel could EVER be in the wrong or that there is/was more to 911 than the standard line we've been fed. Christine Craft is a fighter with an open mind and a woman with fire. She would have been the best choice. It's a pretty boring lineup.

  4. Delighted. I've listened to the other candidates, who do not quite make it. Ms. Craft is her own worst enemy when she goes overboard in her chronic bitterness. I've come to value Mr. Rothman. I think he has learned to turn up his emotions a tad, which he needed to do. Compared to the bland afternoon guy (Gross), Rothman is absolutely exciting,

    David Lewis

  5. Given what KGO had to choose from, Rothmann was probably the best choice, but it would be refreshing to see some new, younger talent on that station. Maybe KGO could use put younger, fresher hosts on its weekend shifts so that when a weekday slot opens up, we don't get some fossil like Gene Burns or Ronn Owen. At least Gil sounds young even though I understand he got started as an intern for Marconi.

  6. I was rooting for Christine Craft, but have to say that Rothman is a class act. I'll be listening, but wish that KGO would do something about hiring a woman one of these decades.

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