Clear Channel’s KNEW 910 has dropped Michael Savage, the controversial San Francisco based talk show host, replacing him with KFI Los Angeles talk show hosts John and Ken.

“We have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information,” KNEW said on its Web site. “The Savage Nation does not fit into that vision.”

But can two Los Angeles hosts make KNEW more local?

“These are Californians, doing a California based show, talking about things that are happening in YOUR state,” the KNEW statement said. “Contemporary, funny, compelling. These boys are the real deal.”

Savage can still be heard on KSTE 650 Sacramento.

KNEW is also adopting KFI’s slogan, “More stimulating talk radio.” KFI began using that slogan several years ago when they were sued by KABC-AM for calling their station “talk radio,” a phrase the ABC station claimed to own.

As of 3:45 p.m. Thursday, Savage had not posted anything on his Web site about being dropped in his hometown. The Chron’s Matier & Ross have a call into him, that apparently has not been returned.

Over the years, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have complained to the FCC about Savage, calling his commentary hate speech. But ratings could have been the reason KNEW dropped Savage. KNEW was 28th in the August ratings measuring listners 12 and over. The other conservative station in the market, KSFO, was 6th.

UPDATE, 5:30 p.m.: The Chron reports that it got Savage on the phone but the conversation was brief: “Why don’t you call Mao Zedong? He’s your boss.” Then he hung up, according to Joe Garofoli. Garofoli points out that Savage’s show 23rd out of 75 in its time slot in the Bay Area market (total audience) in August, according to Arbitron.

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  1. KNEW HAS LOST lots of listerners after Michael Savage gone..what they don't like in the San Francisco Bay area is a Conservative that kicks arses. KSFO , San Francisco ,Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan were also summarily fired. Lee Rodgers gone because he refused to say on the air "Muslims are nice people " as demanded by his bosses on KSFO San Francisco Radio and Melanie Morgan was fired because she was the
    " Mother of the Recall Corrupt Democrat Governor, Gray Davis " RECALL MOVEMENT.

  2. Savage has developed an audience over the years by screaming out the popular rage.

    Unfortunately, he also has become a major contributor to the ear polution of America, adding verbal smog to the crudifying of the society he purports to want to save. For all his clarity of observation (which is generally on-target) and for all his intelligence (likely considerable) his lack of decorum on the air turns off millions who might otherwise agree with him.

    The trick is to express outrage without sounding like a lunatic.

  3. I will never listen to KNEW because they dropped Savage. I took them off my radio speed dial. Good bye you dumb station!

  4. Octobox —

    Michael Savage was all in for Bush1 and Bush2.

    Michael Savage did not like Romney for the longest time, then Romney's Bain Capital was in a position to buy out Clear Channel (the folks that hold Michael's contract) and he began to sing a different tune.

    Michael supports war but does not support deficit spending? Oxymoronic.

    I could only listen to Uncle Al's armpit Tuna-Fish type stories for so long.

    He was "fresh" in the mid 90's. He and Rush (et al) led us towards these Dollar Destorying Perpetual Wars.

    Go Home and Sleep it Off (blowhard – neoconservative)

  5. I found Savage interesting and funny – an intelligent, very well-read talk show guy. But lately, his tirades about his persecution, especially the "Banned in Britain" topic was getting tiresome and repetitive.

    I do miss his wit. His replacements are completely worthless. 910 is no longer on my dial.

  6. I agree with KK. Savage was a very good conversationalist and interesting story teller, but his self-centered broadcasts became untenable, for me at least. However KNEW is kidding themselves if they think his replacement is going to hold listeners. I turned on the John and Ken show today and it is GOD AWFUL. I mean horrid. I ended up listening to Razor and Mr T drone on about the SF Giants because John and Ken are so unenjoyable.

  7. I cannot believe that Mr.Savage was dropped. I always looked forward to his podcasts. I didn't always agree with him on every issue but, I respected him very much. He's truly an intelligent man. He never spoke "hate speech." No other "journalists" out there brought up the outstanding topics he did. We need diversity in our media, not a load of contemporary journalists who regurgitate the same messages. Dr. Savage, I will miss you.

  8. Long time Liberal listener from Rochester NY. Former USN CVN65 out of Oakland Alameda 76 – 79 . Loved hearing the San Fran traffic and commercials… But also in favor of national defense, secure borders, and people following the rules if they want to become citizens of this great nation. Who don't want peace? Most of all, those on the front lines want peace.

  9. Bye-bye, 910. I moving the dial after so many years.

    And good licvk playing for nice and katowing before the McCarthy's dream children, the fascist left.

  10. I'll post it again. Great to listen to AM 650 because I can hear Dr. Savage. KNEW is off my dial, and I watch Glen Beck on TV so you are not needed. Good bye to your sponsors as well since I won't be supporting their products or services. I have already contacted them.

    Spineless is the only word I can describe KNEW. Like a coward, you have caved to political correctness in SF and refused to stand by the 1st ammendment. Your desire for "local flavor" is a transparent excuse when you bring in these two clowns from LA. Turn out the lights on KNEW as ratings go in the toilet.

  11. Savage is nourishment in the desert of a dying nation, in my opinion. He has, however, been beaten down by a coordinated attack upon his advertisers and is no doubt discouraged by the continued unacknowledgement of his success by the mass media as a whole. The sum has eroded his energy and it comes through on his show as of late…I hope he continues, that God provides renewed vigor because our nation needs his voice in the wilderness in order to survive another generation…the also-ran KNEW has junk-bond status as of today.

  12. Savage is sometimes loud, mean and self-absorbed, but he was never boring and always thought provoking to any listener. In my opinion, this is clearly the first sign of the fairness doctrine being imposed on radio stations in America. Pelosi, any 2-some Newsom and the local SF supervisor hacks leaned on Clear Channel "suits" to drop this guy working in the heart of commie central, USA. They did not like "their" locals to hear another point of view. Comments about Savage's difficulty in attracting local corporate sponsors may have some merit and KNEW was surely rated 28th because of Savage but WITHOUT him, KNEW would have been and will be rated 75th!
    Remember hearing that the fairness doctrine was designed to make radio stations have more "local" content. Re-read the KNEW statement. In fact, read between the lines when it states "a different..idealogical direction" and having "more local information." As the two LA boys are not local, this statement may have been a subliminal cry for help by the local "Suits" at Clear Channel. Who's next? KSFO? The SFP Press Club? You?
    They are listening!

  13. There are two reasons I listen to KNEW… Armstrong & Getty, and Michael Savage. Now that Savage is gone from KNEW, I will revert back to listening to music in the afternoons and evenings.

    Some people put Savage down, but I don't believe they ever really "listen" to what he says. He is an incredibly well educated and astute individual. What makes it better, is that he is great radio… he knows how to tell a story and is very entertaining. And… he gets you thinking.

    I'm sorry KNEW… I think you blew it with this decision.

  14. Listened to J and K for years in LA. They're OK but a bit dry at times. They'll never hold a Savage audience. Too middle-of-the-road. Bad move.

  15. I didn't know this for a few days I was trying the 910 and only heard idiotic morons on that channel. I am not sure why the 910 replaced Savage with these two idiots.

  16. More local? Ben and Jerry (or whoever they are)? That show lacks any substance, just like Armstrong/Getty. Michael Savage never condoned killing anybody…it's just shrill liberal spin. I have no reason to listen to AM radio anymore. CAIR is a racist group, and should be investigated by the FBI, along with ACORN. This country is going to hell in a handbasket, headed by so-called political correctness. Nobody else on the radio got my attention, like Savage. He told it like it is. Nobody else dares do it, and that is why he has so many followers. I'd vote for him as president in a second. Long live Michael Savage.

  17. I have listened to Savage from the first week his was on the air on KSFO 560. There is a reason he is the number 3 talk show in the country. He is the best!! Almost always on target..

  18. He's a smart man who can see through lots of spin and baloney. The fact that SF board of supervisors complain about him further validates the case that he is right and cutting through the bull.

  19. Savage was great, whether you agree or disagree with his politics. He was the anchor tenant of 910. John and Ken are like a C- Armstrong and Getty. Cookie cutter at best….

    Bring Savage back!





  21. Well no reason for me to leave 910 on my radio select buttons. They are either fools or idiots 23 rd in the ratings out of 75 stations for his show is amazing considering the reception from Sac is very week in the bay area. He is also one of the most highly rated national syndicated radio shows. I know of individuals nation wide that regularly listen to Savage I guess 910 now can fade into local oblivion.

  22. Can you imagine how hard it would be to sell time on Savage's show. Even if he had ratings, what business would want to take the risk of boycotts by the various power groups that dominate SF politics, particularly the gay community? That would be like painting a target on your back. Censorship isn't exactly the right word, because KNEW was free to keep airing Savage. But powerful people in SF politics, many of them office holders, really made it impossible for that station to continue airing his show.

  23. i love controversy in general, but am glad this aging loud mouth is gone

    he is way too predictable

    better when he was new in the game and fresher

    he sounds tired bitter and sad

  24. Saying KNEW was 28th in the ratings says nothing about Savage. Maybe his show contributed more listeners than the what surrounded him. Go do more reporting and get back to me when your facts support the conclusion.

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